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increases over time.


With roots established in 1903, Indwe Risk Services (Pty) Ltd is today one of South Africa’s largest independent brokers, offering personal, business and specialist risk and insurance advisory services.

The Indwe journey began with Hoskens Insurance in the early 1900s, evolving into Thebe Risk Services. In 1992 they became the insurance arm of Thebe Investment Corporation, the country’s first black empowerment group.

On a separate path, Prestasi Brokers, which was established in 1972 and had a reputation for innovative short-term insurance offerings, became a fully empowered organisation in 2001. Five years later these two innovative insurance leaders partnered to form Indwe - the isiXhosa and isiZulu name for the country’s national bird, the blue crane.

Taking advantage of an opportunity to expand the business and provide clients with an even wider range of products and services, Indwe announced a shareholding deal with African Rainbow Capital (ARC) in 2016. ARC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ubuntu-Botho Investment (Sanlam’s empowerment partner) acquired a majority shareholding of Indwe, with 25% belonging to Sanlam and Santam retaining 24%.

As a company with innovation as a value, we are always looking for new ways of doing business, to continually provide better services and solutions to our clients. In 2019 one such opportunity was identified and we partnered with Lyme Street Risk, a highly experienced corporate broking and risk management advisory business.

Now, well over 100 years later, Indwe looks nothing like their early insurance pioneers. But, what has remained consistent through our transformation, is our commitment to always provide trusted, valued advice that protects your futures.


Hoskens Insurance Brokers / Thebe Risk Services


Prestasi Brokers


Indwe Risk Services

Prestasi Brokers and Thebe Risk Services merge to form Indwe Risk Services


Indwe Risk Services

African Rainbow Capital take 51% stake in Indwe Broker Holdings


Indwe Risk Services

Indwe Risk Services acquires Lyme Street Risk (Pty )Ltd


Indwe Risk Services

Still your trusted partner


Much has changed in 100 years, and so too has Indwe. While we have a long, proud history of innovation and service, we also value transformation. The business we are today is not the same one from 1903, but while our shareholding may continue to change, what never will is our commitment to our clients to provide advice that they can trust.

Our Partners and Subsidiaries

Indwe is a one of South Africa’s largest brokers, however, it is only through sound and enduring relationships with our partners and subsidiaries, that we continue to be a formidable force in the industry and continue delivering innovative products to our clients.

Legal Documents

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COI Policy Statement

For any organisation it would be an impossible task to avoid any and all conflict of interests entirely, as and when they may arise. However, Indwe as your broker will at all times identify, mitigate and manage any conflict or potential conflict of interest to the best of our abilities.

Our aim is to be fully transparent in our relationship with our clients and insurers, and at all times disclose where a potential conflict exists. We believe in the fair treatment of our clients and ensure their interest are our number one priority.

Indwe will disclose to our clients what role we play in an insurance transaction, any interest we have with an insurer as well as fees payable to us by such an insurer.

In addition to receiving commission from an insurer for business placed with them, and fees from our clients for service we render to them, Indwe may also receive fees from insurers for administrative functions performed on their behalf. This information will be disclosed to you, our client, if your insurance portfolio is placed with such an insurer.

Indwe has implemented a Conflict of Interest Management Policy within the organisation, and it is vital to us that all staff are fully trained on process of identification, escalation and mitigation of a potential conflict of interest that may arise.