We know that it’s more than just a farm – it’s your passion, your livelihood, your life. That’s why our agri insurance solutions grow with your unique farming needs, and help you protect what’s most important.

Our agri insurance specialists use the latest in technology and innovative tools – like RiskTech – to tackle the modern challenges that come with insuring the agricultural industry and its supply chain, including supplier and customer impact on your business.

RiskTech incorporates drones (UAVs) and our cloud-based risk and insurance platform to streamline the data gathering process, resulting in forward-thinking advice for farmers and key insights to insurers.

Our risk advisors look for practical and cost-effective solutions, which ultimately reduce risk, improve claim processing, reduce survey costs, improve pricing and decrease loss pay-outs through improved data accuracy. Our UAV solution provides the following benefits:

  • Premium accuracy and risk mitigation: By taking a bird’s-eye view to assess a site, you not only receive a more accurate risk profile, but this also impacts costs.
  • Business Interruption: Assisting in the identification and evaluation of all the risk factors impacting your business turn over.
  • Natural disaster monitoring: When fires, floods, drought and earthquakes occur, these areas are unsafe and difficult to reach, however, drones can be deployed both safely and quickly to monitor threatened areas.
  • Site inspection: Where a site inspection must take place to assess and measure damages, using a drone is faster and more cost-effective, while also ensuring the safety of any inspection team.
  • Claims decisions: The availability of detailed, high-quality imagery makes the decision-making process easier.
  • Claims cost mitigation: Using drones to capture accurate, real-time data helps in the settlement and fast tracking of claims.


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