Indwe’s Statement On Managing Potential Conflict Of Interest

Our Values

For any organisation it would be an impossible task to avoid any and all conflict of interests entirely, as and when they may arise. However, Indwe as your broker will at all times identify, mitigate and manage any conflict or potential conflict of interest to the best of our abilities.

Our aim is to be fully transparent in our relationship with our clients and insurers, and at all times disclose where a potential conflict exists. We believe in the fair treatment of our clients and ensure their interest are our number one priority.

Indwe will disclose to our clients what role we play in an insurance transaction, any interest we have with an insurer as well as fees payable to us by such an insurer.

In addition to receiving commission from an insurer for business placed with them, and fees from our clients for service we render to them, Indwe may also receive fees from insurers for administrative functions performed on their behalf. This information will be disclosed to you, our client, if your insurance portfolio is placed with such an insurer.

Indwe has implemented a Conflict of Interest Management Policy within the organisation, and it is vital to us that all staff are fully trained on process of identification, escalation and mitigation of a potential conflict of interest that may arise.

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