Insurance in the age of connected living

COVID-19 shifted digital transformation into overdrive virtually overnight. When lockdown began, the entire world experienced a crash course on connected living. From virtual meetings to home-schooling, online shopping and ordering food, to streaming movies and online workouts, getting through each day under lockdown came down to embracing and leveraging digital technology to one’s advantage.

The pandemic has initiated a shift in how consumers shop and how they spend their money. Convenience quickly became the top priority and consumers began engaging with and buying from businesses that could deliver on their demands. From ordering takeaways to buying groceries and even watching virtual concerts, both early adopters and ‘laggards’ realised they could get just about anything on their smartphones. Consequently, businesses that didn’t pivot and adapt or couldn’t fulfil consumers’ needs online, ceased to be top of mind and slowly started disappearing into the digital wilderness.

The insurance industry has been relatively slow to react to the accelerated digital shift in consumer behaviour. Most advances in digital transformation and user experience are a far cry from those of their B2C contemporaries and lack the accessibility, flexibility and overall user experience. For instance, we can pick and choose what we’d like for lunch in the comfort of our homes, and get it delivered within in minutes, but when it comes to choosing insurance, it is often a daunting, dull and disconnected experience depending on how you go about it.

Of course, insurance is way more complex than ordering a quick bite to eat, but all the more reason for insurers to make insurance more accessible to consumers and drive home the benefits. In the past, insurers got away with selling one-size-fits-all insurance face-to-face or sealing a deal on a cold call, but these tactics simply won’t fly in the post-pandemic world.

With people working from and spending more time at home, convenience and flexibility are more important than ever. Many policyholders feel it is unnecessary to pay high premiums for vehicle and household insurance during times of financial uncertainty and would rather opt for on-demand insurance that suits their lifestyle and wallet. Insurers and insurance products should be more responsive to customers’ needs. Consumers should be given the power to choose cover when and as they need it, and once they’ve signed up, are able to make adjustments as they need to.

This is how BluPixl is bringing convenience, choice and customisation to the fingertips of South Africans. BluPixl offers a smart and convenient way to find insurance quotes and choose between solutions from multiple insurers. From requesting quotes and getting advice to managing policies and submitting a claim, BluPixl is everything consumers need for finding and managing cover.

The BluPixl app is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store and can be downloaded here. For more information about BluPixl, visit