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Marine Insurance

Our marine division provides an extensive range of solutions to meet your unique insurance requirements.

    The main risks covered include:

  • Marine import risks, from suppliers’ warehouses overseas to final destination in South Africa
  • Marine exports from warehouses in South Africa to destinations overseas
  • Goods in Transit risks – whether the goods are moved by the owner’s own vehicles, road haulers or arranged by a transport broker
  • Small craft risks and associated liabilities
  • Stock throughput risks, which includes the importation, storage and distribution of cargo
  • Commercial hull provides protection against loss or damage to the vessel itself and also its machinery and equipment

    We also offer a range of additional cover including:

  • Shipping containers and related liability
  • Marine advanced loss of profits
  • P&I/hull protection and indemnity
  • Charterers liability
  • Stevedores liability
  • Shipyards – builder’s risks and ship repairer’s liability

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