Med ClaimAssist helps members of medical aids get their claims properly paid.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a short or unpaid medical claim, and you don’t know if it’s an issue with the doctor’s invoice or if the medical aid made an error? Dealing with the maze of medical aid call centres and being endlessly put on hold is no one’s idea of a productive use of your time.

Med ClaimAssist removes all the hassle, worry and frustration out of dealing with your medical aid. A team of experts, with an extensive track record of dealing with medical aids and getting your claims properly paid, is on your side. Med Claim Assist identifies where the problem lies and intervene to fix it.

For only R39 per month or R399 annually, you can have Med ClaimAssist dealing with your medical aid on every problematic claim throughout the year.


Once Off Service Fee


Evaluation and intervention on the query submitted. No ongoing fees.

Annual Subscription


Debited annually in the anniversary month of subscription.