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Motor Warranty – Motorvaps

With Motorvaps, you can choose from a variety of plans, to suit your vehicle and needs.

Select Warranty

This range will provide cover for sudden and unforeseen mechanical failure. With up to eight options available, you can select the cover that suits your pocket and needs.

Select Service Plan

This contractual agreement provides a convenient method of budgeting, as it covers a specified number of services, over a selected time period or number of kilometres.

Select Tyre and Rim

Get cover for damage caused to your tyres and rims from potholes or various other unforeseen road hazards, when travelling on any tarred and maintained South African road.

Complete Car Cosmetic Plan

This plan covers minor scratches and dents which occur during day to day motoring. It’s designed to keep your vehicle in showroom condition, to maintain its retail value.


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