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As a valued Indwe policyholder, your and your family’s safety is our number one priority, and so we are offering a service that can assist you in moments of distress. RESQ1 is a 24/7 home and roadside protection unit service that operates nationwide, which will dispatch teams of highly trained officers to professionally handle critical incidents.

This service is available to policyholders for a small monthly fee. The debit order will be debited on a separate date from your Indwe personal lines policy.

Using RESQ1

This service is available to you in the following circumstances:

  • A vehicle breakdown
  • An accident
  • When your vehicle is stolen
  • When you are being hijacked
  • During a home invasion
  • When you require medical emergency services to come to your rescue at home or at the scene of an accident
  • When you are being followed by a suspicious vehicle
  • When being pulled off the road and you feel threatened or treated unfairly

The RESQ1 Control Room, which prides itself on offering a responsive, competent and excellent service, will be your primary point of contact in the event of crisis management at your home or on the roadside.

If you are in proximity to a place of relative safety, you will be advised to move there immediately, while RESQ1 remains on standby and in contact with you until the situation is resolved.

To make it easier and quicker to locate you when you are under duress, it is highly recommended that you download the RESQ1 app. Please also add the RESQ1 emergency number to your phone contacts: 087 551 7767.

Please note: For enquiries or more information about RESQ1, you can download the brochure here, or contact your local Indwe office by calling 011 912 7375 or emailing


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