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Customised personal insurance, just the way you like it. Life’s all about choice.

Choosing cover should be no different. An all-in-one app that lets you choose and manage personal insurance cover according to your taste.

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Life insurance, investments and healthcare solutions

Get holistic advice from our partner, Indwe BlueStar, that helps you make informed decisions about savings, retirement, healthcare, estate planning, bonds and investments. Backed by years of experience, Indwe BlueStar can help lead you to financial independence and sustainable wealth.

Indwe BlueStar is an authorised Financial Services Provider in life insurance (FSP 6832).


As a leading personal and business insurance specialist, Indwe provides expert solutions that cover all your insurance and financial needs.

Our digital solution

Our Holistic financial solutions


We offer comprehensive cover through reputable South African insurers. By first understanding your unique needs, we provide relevant risk and financial solutions that focus on you.


We recognise and value the uniqueness of each of our clients and ensure that you have the right personal and business cover. We focus on building long-term relationships and providing expert solutions that always exceed expectations.


Get the best of both worlds with access to a digital platform, which gives you convenience and choice, while also having a team of quality advisors who provide relevant risk and financial solutions that are focused on you.


To provide an exceptional insurance experience, you first need to understand individual client needs. We recognise the value of each client and take the time to build long-term relationships, where clients trust us to provide expert advice for all their personal or business requirements.


Through an upfront professional risk assessment, we ensure that your risks are identified and correctly covered. With sound advice and the right cover from the start, there is less opportunity for claims to be repudiated.


When things go wrong and you have to claim, you want the claim management experts on your side. We make the process pain-free by taking over claim management and representing you, ensuring a higher probability of the claim being paid.


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July 09, 2024

Top tips for choosing the right home insurance policy 

Your home is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a haven for your loved ones and a treasure chest of memories. Protecting this investment with the right home insurance policy is crucial. But with so many options available, choosing the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Here are our top tips for selecting a home […]

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July 03, 2024

The Ultimate Millennial Insurance Checklist 

The Ultimate Millennial Insurance Checklist ImageMillennials let’s be real, insurance isn’t always top of mind until something unexpected happens. We’re a generation raised on instant gratification, and the whole “pay now, maybe get something back later” mentality of traditional insurance can feel a bit outdated. With all the responsibilities we juggle – like student loans, rent hikes, and the daily […]

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