The Right Solution

Our Value Proposition

  • We listen to your needs
  • We give professional, honest insurance advice
  • We analyse your needs to ensure you are correctly covered
  • We find you the right insurance for your lifestyle
  • We tailor insurance to your needs

Specialist Solutions


Cover for your aviation business so you can reach for the sky.

Automotive & Transportation

An effective insurance strategy that keeps you on the road to success.


Marine insurance that keeps your business afloat, even in stormy weather.

Construction & Related Services

Construction cover that gets all your projects off the ground.

Legal Liabilities & Costs

From product recalls to legal defence costs – knowing you’re appropriately covered will help you sleep at night.


Get the right cover so you can protect your manufacturing business and stay productive.


The Consumer Protection Act is there to protect the consumer, but what's there to protect you?

State-Owned Enterprises & Local Government

An effective and relevant insurance strategy that covers your unique risks.

Financial Services

A bespoke insurance strategy and specialised cover that protects your business.

Professional Consulting

Effective and affordable cover that offers professional indemnity and that protects your practice.


Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, developer or management company – we make sure you’re properly covered.

Freight & Forwarding

Specialised cover that looks after your interests no matter where your business takes you.

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