The Right Solution

Our Value Proposition

  • We listen to your needs
  • We give professional, honest insurance advice
  • We analyse your needs to ensure you are correctly covered
  • We find you the right insurance for your lifestyle
  • We tailor insurance to your needs

Mobile and Fixed Assets

Household Insurance

With the right cover for your most valuable possessions, you’re ensured of having a good night's sleep.

Vehicle Insurance

Keep the wheels rolling with various cover options for your car, motorcycle, caravan, trailer, watercraft and bicycle.

All Risk Insurance

Misplace your jewellery and you suddenly realise the importance of All Risk Insurance.


Lifestyle Benefits

Get deals, discounts and convenient free services that make a real difference every day.

Emergency Assistance

With our expert Emergency Assist services, help is always just a call away.


Whatever insurance cover you need – we’ll find the right solution for you.

Health and Accident

Health & Accident Cover

Get the help and compensation you’re entitled to if you are affected by a road accident.

Legal Liability

Legal Cover

Certain areas of your life may make you vulnerable to liability, but with cover you can buffer their impact.

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