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April 09, 2024

Choosing the Best Vet for Your Pet

For those of us with furry family members, every day is pet day, but April 11th is extra special as the world takes a pause to celebrate International Pet Day. Apart from treats, grooming and all the squeaky toys you can tolerate, choosing the best vet for your pet is one of the most important ...

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April 05, 2024

Risk management strategies for business success

February 2024 – In the ever-evolving world of business, understanding why managing risks matters is crucial. Businesses aiming for success rely on solid strategies for handling uncertainties, forming the cornerstone of their operations. Key components of a comprehensive risk management plan play a pivotal role in steering businesses toward long-lasting growth. “At the heart of ...

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March 14, 2024

A farmer’s guide to agricultural insurance

South Africa’s diverse agricultural sector contributes significantly to the country’s economy and puts food on people’s tables locally and abroad. From small-scale subsistence farming to large commercial operations, agriculture forms the backbone of many rural communities. However, farming is not without its challenges and unpredictable factors such as weather conditions, pests, and market fluctuations can ...

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March 13, 2024

Business Insurance- where many are getting it wrong

In the world of business, unexpected events can strike at any moment. From property damage caused by a natural disaster to a disgruntled customer lawsuit, unforeseen circumstances can cripple even the most well-established businesses. This is where business insurance comes in, acting as a financial safety net that protects your company’s assets and future. However, ...

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March 01, 2024

Industry trends

In 2024, we anticipate the continuation of trends observed since 2020, particularly in the business landscape: – Pandemic coverage remains unavailable in the traditional insurance market, although parametric options are emerging in overseas markets. Uncertainty surrounding 2020 claims persists. – SASRIA coverage is capped at R500 million per loss per annum, prompting clients with higher ...

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