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April 07, 2021

The implications of overloaded vehicles on your insurance policy

Overloading – it’s a common occurrence on our roads. If we don’t drive past an overloaded bus, taxi or truck, then we read about another horrific accident caused by one. Hundreds of passengers lose their lives every year, and numerous transport owners count the cost of claims being rejected based on non-compliance. Vehicles designed for […]

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March 26, 2021

To insure or self-insure? A conundrum for fleet operators

Fleet insurance is essential for businesses with vehicle fleets and drivers. With proper management and meticulousness, fleet managers can reduce insurance costs, improve the safety of employees and benefit from as much insurance cover as is required. But with escalating insurance costs, many fleet managers, particularly those overseeing large fleets, are opting to partially cover […]

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March 10, 2021

Hire purchase agreements and changes in ownership

Hire purchase claims can be complicated for policyholders. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of the process involved in settling a hire purchase claim. Understanding this can prevent any delays in one’s hire purchase claims settlement or losses arising from the inability to follow the correct process. What is hire purchase? A hire purchase […]

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March 04, 2021

Medical Malpractice Insurance: All You Need To Know

The nature of the medical profession, combined with the myriad scenarios where negligence or malpractice may occur, means that medical malpractice insurance is essential should anything go wrong in the emergency room or practice. What is medical malpractice insurance? Medical malpractice insurance, or professional indemnity insurance, provides cover for healthcare professions and facilities when a doctor or […]

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March 04, 2021

The Advice Series: The Indwe Touch

Anyone can sell insurance, but not everyone can offer the right risk advice for your needs, both now and for the future. Our risk advisors take the time to get a feel for what is important to our clients, in terms of their risk exposure. For some clients, it might be the extent of cover, […]

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