10 Top tips for securing your business this festive season

It’s the end of the year and time for us all to take a well-deserved break. We know you’d rather not think about it but you’d be well advised to spend a few moments considering how to secure your business over the festive season. Security should be top of mind at all times, and now even more so. And while we cannot predict all possible risks, we can help to minimise the damage should anything happen. So here’s a list of our top tips to give you the peace of mind you need, and know that everything is secured, locked down and taken care of.


  1. Make sure your security cameras are switched on and working correctly.
  2. Test your alarm system and alert your security company that you’ll be closed.
  3. Make sure that your fire alarms and systems are operational.
  4. Switch off all lights and plug sockets at the main switch.
  5. Remove all money and valuables from the property.
  6. Ensure that all your important business documents are safe.
  7. Inform your business neighbours that you will be closed.
  8. Check water drainage on the premises in case of leaks or flooding.
  9. Remove non-essential stock from the premises.
  10. Contact your insurer or broker to ensure you are adequately covered.


If these tips are followed correctly, particularly number 10, you can rest assured that, should any disasters strike while you’re away, you will have done all you can to minimise the fallout. A little foresight and planning can mean a whole lot of peace of mind. As always, take care, and have a safe and blessed festive season.



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