Household Insurance

Get the cover you need to protect the valuables in your home.

Your household contents are the items that you would pack into boxes when you move home. These possessions are valuable to you, and that’s why you need household contents insurance, so that they are covered should anything happen to them.

This insurance can cover money, personal documents, collections, and even the contents of your refrigerator or freezer. Additionally, with this tailored cover you can claim for storage costs when you need to store your household contents elsewhere, if there is any damage to your home or appliances.

In fact, the right amount of cover will ensure you have very little to worry about - even the possessions of employees and guests can be covered.

Buildings Insurance

The cover you need for the structure of your home and beyond.

With Buildings Insurance the actual structure of your home is covered, along with other permanent structures on your property (such as garages, outbuildings, swimming pools and walls). With this cover you’re insured against loss or damage due to things like lightning, fire, burst water pipes, storms and floods, damage caused by a break-in, subsidence of land and landslips, and damage caused by impact (such as a falling tree), among other things.

Good and proper building cover, however, also reaches beyond your four walls. It can protect you from costs and losses if your garden is damaged, loss of rental, or fire brigade and public water supply costs.

There are many important considerations when it comes to building cover, and that’s why our specialist team of advisors will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you have all the protection you need.

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