7 insurance tips to get your home winter ready

South Africa’s winter boasts crisp mornings and cozy nights by the fireplace. But along with the beauty comes the potential for weather-related mishaps like burst pipes, fire hazards, and power outages.

To ensure a peaceful and damage-free winter, here are 7 tips to prep your home for the cold in 2024.

1) Review your insurance policy

Does your home insurance policy cover you for all eventualities and possibilities? This includes factors and hazards such as burst pipes, gas cooking accidents, electrical surges damaging appliances, and even weather-related damage. Learn more about Indwe’s home insurance options here.

2) If you don’t have insurance yet, consider starting a policy

There are many different types of insurance. Some of the most common types to start with are home and car insurance. Depending on your policy and the type of cover you choose, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your most valuable assets are covered, no matter what happens.

3) Is your home set up for loadshedding?

During winter there is increased electricity usage which results in straining the grid and loadshedding. You might want to invest in surge plugs to avoid an electricity surge damaging your appliances.

Motivated by a global drive towards renewable energy, many residents are joining the energy revolution and switching to utlising solar panels to get electricity. As solar is a costly investment, it’s key that your homeowner’s insurance is updated to ensure that you are covered for the system, for any damage or events that could cause damage.

4) Gas appliance safety

Gas heaters and cooking appliances are a great alternative to electrical appliances. However, you need to ensure that your gas appliances are safe before using them. In terms of the regulations promulgated in 2009 under the Occupation Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, all gas installations must have a Certificate of Conformity. This certificate is incredibly important, especially if you ever need to submit an insurance claim.

5) Check your chimneys

We all love a roaring fire on a chilly winter night. However, neglected chimneys can pose a fire risk. Have your chimney serviced before winter and ensure you use proper fire safety measures. Regular chimney cleaning can prevent fires. Also make sure to check your insurance policy to see if it covers damage caused by a fireplace fire.

6) Don’t let the pipes burst

Burst pipes are a major concern in cold weather. Here in South Africa, ensuring that your taps aren’t dripping and maintaining a consistent indoor temperature becomes even more important. We suggest that you insulate your exposed pipes and know how to shut off the water supply in case of a burst pipe. Also, by closing your windows and doors to keep the heat inside your home, you can minimise the risk of frozen pipes that could burst and cause significant water damage.

7) Maintain your geyser

Burst geysers are common with old geysers that are generally more than 10 years old. Hot water that leaks or spurts out of the geyser can cause serious damage to walls, floors, and furnishings. Take a moment to inspect your geyser or get a qualified professional to inspect your geyser to ensure that it is safe and can supply ample hot water throughout the entire winter.

Enjoy your winter, worry-free

By following these tips and ensuring you have proper insurance coverage, you can enjoy a warm and secure winter in your home.  Remember, prevention is key! 

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