Business interruption insurance: The role of the advisor

Business interruption insurance: the role of the advisor

In the seventh and final blog in the BI series, we focus on the role of the risk advisor in understanding your business’s circumstances, identifying BI risks and providing you with a range of possible solutions to address these risks.

Over this series of articles, we have addressed topics like risk identification, continuity planning, correct sum insured calculations and things that can go wrong. All of these aspects must be considered by the advisor and you, the client, when purchasing a BI insurance solution.

What you can expect from a risk advisor

When it comes to business interruption insurance, having an experienced risk advisor on your side is the best way to prepare for tomorrow’s risks. Risk advisors are there to offer solutions to solve your challenges and safeguard your business.  

Risk advisors are experts in their field with specialist experience and knowledge of insurance products and solutions. They are well informed about different forms of BI insurance and understand what is needed to cover specific insured events.

Understanding your circumstances

The better a risk advisor understands your business, the better they can advise on suitable insurance solutions based on your business’s risk profile. Advisors give businesses a better understanding of how to identify risk, and offer objective advice on a range of insurance options best suited for your risk profiles.  

For instance, an advisor can explain to you exactly what type of risks your BI insurance policy covers and the intricacies involved with premiums, indemnity periods, exclusions, etc. Imparting you with this advice enables you to make better decisions about your BI insurance cover.

Matching business skills with broker expertise

While advisors will advise you on the risks that your business faces, as well as the specific BI cover you need to address these risks, what you choose is ultimately up to you. But when we combine your business knowledge and our insurance expertise, you get the best possible solution for your business needs.

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