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Choosing the Best Vet for Your Pet

For those of us with furry family members, every day is pet day, but April 11th is extra special as the world takes a pause to celebrate International Pet Day. Apart from treats, grooming and all the squeaky toys you can tolerate, choosing the best vet for your pet is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in caring for your fur family.

Here are the top questions to ask yourself when vetting a veterinarian:

Does the location make sense?

The last thing you want to be doing when your pet has fallen ill is drive forty minutes through traffic to get to the right care. Finding a vet in close proximity to your home is a good idea to ensure that you can get your pet’s medical needs attended to quickly, and without the stress of a long commute.

Is your pet a unique species or special breed?

If you have an exotic pet, a special breed of cat or dog, or even a bird, you may need to find a vet who specialises in exotic animals and birds or has a reputation for treating your special breed.

Are their operating and emergency hours suitable?

When it comes to pet illness and injury, life doesn’t always happen within the conveniences of our schedule. It’s helpful to find a vet practice that’s open during hours that make it possible for you to coordinate check-ups and vaccinations easily. Emergency contact numbers are also important to consider, for unforeseen late-night and weekend incidents.

Do they offer overnight hospitalisation?

Some smaller vet practices may not have the facilities to accommodate your pet for overnight care and observation, or they may have very limited space. When your pet is seriously ill, you’ll want to avoid having to transfer them to a larger practice, which is why it may be wise to choose a vet with ample overnight hospitalisation provisions.

What’s the word out on the street?

One of the perks of living in the digital age is unrestricted access to honest referrals and recommendations. When you’re choosing the best vet for your pet, we suggest that you check online testimonials and reviews, and reach out to friends and acquaintances in the area to find out what vets they can vouch for, as well as those they’d advise against.

What does your instinct tell you?

Over and above location, convenience and expertise, a vet’s bedside manners and how they make you – and your pet feel will help you decide if this is the vet for you. Listen to your instinct and pay attention to how the vet treats your pet and how they address you and your concerns.  

Do they work with pet insurance?

You take out pet insurance because you want to be able to afford the best care for your pet, when they need it most. When you’re choosing the best vet for your family, find out if they work with your pet insurance and what their claim policies are.

To ensure that your pet is treated well during medical emergencies, you’ll want to choose a pet insurance product that provides exceptional cover for major events. Always find out what the policy covers, such as:

  • Diagnostics and treatment for acute illness and injuries, including X-rays, biopsies and medication
  • Cover for chronic conditions, like medication and therapies
  • Treatment for hereditary conditions
  • Cover for rehabilitation, like post-operative care and therapy

Indwe offers you and your family a pet health insurance policy that helps you to provide the best care for your pet, so that you’re not forced to make heartbreaking decision based on crippling vet costs.

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