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Your pre-holiday checklist to ensure peace of mind

So your bags are packed and that dream of getting away from it all is getting closer and closer to reality. In this whirlwind of activity it’s often difficult to pin down exactly what you need to do to help make sure that everything is taken care of – especially when it comes to protecting your property, your valuables, and the ones you love.


So here’s a handy checklist of all the truly important things you should pay attention to before you set off. While we cannot anticipate all crimes and potential disasters, it’s smart to plan ahead and get things sorted out before the rush starts. Because a few minutes of your time now can bring you peace of mind, ensuring that your holiday is as relaxing and stress-free as it can be.


  1. Have you tested your alarm system and notified your security company of your plans?
  2. Have you switched off all appliances, including the geyser, at the main switchboard?
  3. Have you arranged for someone to collect your mail while you are away?
  4. Have you informed friends or family that you are going away and asked them to check on your property occasionally?
  5. Have you closed all windows and locked all the doors?
  6. Have you informed your travel companions to be vigilant? Never let your guard down while on holiday – criminals are counting on it.
  7. Are there any visible valuable in your vehicle? Rather keep them away from prying eyes.
  8. Are you travelling outside of the country? Check with your broker whether you are covered in the country you are visiting – including travel insurance and cover for your vehicle and its contents.
  9. Have you made sure that all of your valuables are adequately covered? Items such as laptops, jewellery, cameras and so on must be specified in your policy, especially at this high-risk time of year.
  10. Are you planning on purchasing any new high-value items while on holiday? Notify your broker as soon as possible to have these added to your policy.


With a little bit of common sense and a pro-active approach to security, any number of headaches can be avoided, or at least minimised, this festive season. Go ahead and print this checklist, keep it with you while you plan and enjoy your holiday. Take care of you and your loved ones and, above all, stay safe.



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