RESQ1 – Case study

Thank you for all the assistance.
When an elderly Indwe client and his wife got a flat tyre while traveling on a very remote road t dusk, they turned to ResQ1 for help.

RESQ1 is a 24/7 home and roadside protection unit service that operates nationwide, which will dispatch teams of highly trained officers to professionally handle critical incidents.

The incident:

A 71-year-old Indwe client and his wife contacted RESQ1 for roadside assistance. While driving their Mercedes-Benz at dusk on the R75, they hit a pothole which caused a flat tyre. The client insisted that they were safe and only required assistance, not protection, from RESQ1.

Considering the remote location and the time of day, RESQ1 reviewed their situation and believed there to be a threat to their safety. The control room dispatched the closest armed response team, which arrived within 20 minutes, and simultaneously arranged for roadside assistance.

While waiting for the team to arrive, the client managed to change the damaged tyre for the emergency tyre and informed RESQ1 that they would make their way to the closest garage, which was 30km away, and wait for assistance there.

The RESQ1 agent urged the client not to drive anywhere, as the response team was five minutes away and would then escort them to the garage, as it was now dark. On their arrival, the response team assessed the situation and found that the client’s vehicle had a second damaged tyre and could not be moved. They recommended that a flatbed be arranged.

The client phoned Mercedes-Benz to organise a flatbed and called their son to collect them. The RESQ1 team remained with the client until 21:20, by which time their vehicle had been loaded and they had been collected.

The outcome:

During the four-hour ordeal, the client and his wife were kept safe while they were stranded in the dark on a remote road. This is due to the RESQ1 agent not recalling the armed response team, even though the client believed that their services were not required.

Client feedback:

“We would like to sincerely thank you for all the assistance and concern we received from you and your team on Friday. Hayden, who came to stay with us until they towed our car away, was also amazing. We appreciate all the assistance we received. Many thanks again.”