Simplifying the complexity of estate planning

Written by Danie van Niekerk – Indwe Bluestar Executive Head

Estate planning is often something that many people leave to later in life, or worse, is overlooked entirely. The reality is that life-changing events can happen at any moment, and a well-planned estate enables you to be prepared.

If you’re an adult who earns an income and owns assets, it is in your best interests to draft an estate plan, even if you consider yourself too young to worry about estates and don’t have children. If you have children – whether your own or from previous relationships – living under your roof, things can get complicated. It is important to be upfront about potential complex family dynamics, because without a plan, your estate could be distributed very differently to how you had envisaged.

Setting up a proper estate plan to deal with your assets for your family after your death is an important financial responsibility. With specific instructions in place, your hard-earned assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries according to your preferences.

Getting started doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right risk advice, you can be prepared and have peace of mind knowing that your family will be covered.  

At Indwe Bluestar, we have your best interests at heart and go beyond insurance to offer you the right advice. We know that you have unique and complex risks that require personalised solutions.

Our experienced risk professionals will help you solve your challenges and protect your livelihood, family and future by simplifying the complexity of estate planning. No matter your age, life stage or how complicated your family relations might be, our professional risk advisors are here to help create an estate plan that benefits those in which it intends to protect.

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Danie van Niekerk

Executive Head | Authorised Principal

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