Vehicle & Motorcycle

Feel safe knowing you are completely protected every time you go out onto the road.

Your car is valuable – in terms of finance and because you need it to keep your day-to-day life turning. In the event that anything happens to your car, you need a helping hand to get you back on the road with as little delay as possible.

At Indwe Risk Services we offer three key and basic categories of vehicle insurance cover: comprehensive, third party, and third party, fire and theft. And because we know that insurance should be as unique as you are, we also offer a variety of extras that you can pick and choose from. These include cover for medical expenses and trauma treatment, emergency repair costs, car hire, and emergency accommodation if you're stranded while travelling.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover means you’re protected if your car is stolen or broken into, if your car is in an accident or if there is any fire-related damage. You're also covered in the case of any damages or injuries you may have caused to another vehicle, person or property. Remember, if your car is financed by a bank then comprehensive vehicle insurance is a requirement.

Third party vehicle insurance means other than you and your car, so it only covers damages or injuries you may have caused to another vehicle or person in the event of an accident. With third party, fire and theft insurance, you receive third party cover as well as vehicle theft and fire-related damages. Excluded from this cover is any damage you may have caused to your own vehicle.

With this range of vehicle insurance options from Indwe Risk Services, you can choose what option best suits your needs. The goal is for you to feel totally comfortable whenever you’re on the road, knowing that if anything should happen, you have the right cover to protect yourself against unforeseen costs and obstacles.

Caravans & Trailers

When you’ve got the right cover, you can leave your worries behind.

You’re meant to relax when you’re on holiday, a road trip or a weekend away – you shouldn’t be worried about your caravan or trailer. With the appropriate caravan and trailer insurance you’re covered should they be damaged or stolen. You can also be covered for liability, should your trailer or caravan be involved in an accident, causing damage or injury to property or person.

Often your caravan or trailer will be filled with valuable items, and you want these contents insured. This can include camping equipment, a small TV, a braai or other non-standard items that you may specify.

Through Indwe Risk Services you can include cover for other caravan and trailer insurance extensions, such as safeguarding (for example, a secure lock-up), emergency repairs, and delivery (in certain situations this may mean bringing your caravan or trailer back home should you be unable to tow these yourself).

Top-up cover is also available should you want to be covered for outstanding financing costs on your caravan or trailer. With this service you won’t get stuck with payments if your caravan or trailer is written off or not recovered from a theft.


Cover both on and off the water keeps your passion for fun afloat.

Whether you have a fishing or sail boat, a jet ski or other watercraft, Indwe Risk Services will find the right cover for your needs. With appropriate cover, you’ll be safeguarded from risk both on and off the water, and you’ll be covered for damage to your watercraft. The insurance extends to liability for damage or injury to property or person while using or transporting your watercraft.

Most cover options include the standard fittings and equipment with an option to specify non- standard equipment.


The protection you need to keep those wheels turning.

You love the sense of freedom that your bike gives you, now make sure it stays that way with Indwe Risk Services InCycle. Wherever your ride takes you, your cycling gear will be covered in the event of theft, damage and hijacking. You’re also covered for medical expenses and emergency transportation.

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