Six ways to protect your home while you’re away


Six ways to protect your home while you’re away

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Are you taking advantage of the public holidays in March and April to go on holiday? While you’re relaxing in the bush, taking a break in the berg or basking in the sunlight at the beach, here are six basic safety precautions you can take to protect your home.


  1. Security system

For peace of mind, instal a comprehensive alarm system in your home. If you already have one, test that it works before you leave for your holiday and inform your security company about your holiday dates, so they can keep a closer eye on your property.


  1. Hire a sitter

Call in a favour and ask a friend or family member to stay at your home while you’re not there, or arrange a house sitter. If neither option is available to you, ask your neighbour to pop in every few days to collect your mail, water your plants, open and close curtains and turn lights on and off. This makes it appear as if your home is being lived in.


  1. Lock it up

Keep all your valuables out of sight, so they can’t be seen through a window. For sentimental or irreplaceable items like wills, title deeds or heirlooms, lock these in a fireproof safe or entrust them to a family member or close friend.


  1. Pull the plug

You don’t want to wonder if you turned off your stove, while you’re waiting to catch your flight. Take a moment to walk through your house and unplug all the unnecessary appliances, to protect them from power surges.


  1. Tidy up

Before you leave you should mow your lawn, sweep up the leaves, clean your pool, trim the hedges and water all your plants. A neat property is less attractive to thieves than one that looks unoccupied. In addition, large bushes close to your home provide potential thieves with hiding places, so keep them trimmed.


  1. Keep it quiet

Even though you’re thrilled about going on holiday, avoid announcing it to the world via social media. You might think a comment is private but if it’s public, you’ve just informed everyone that you will not be in your home during a certain time period.


By following basic safety precautions you’ll be able to relax a little more on your holiday, knowing that you’ve done all you can to protect your home while you aren’t there.


To ensure that your valuable possessions are adequately covered, please call 0860 13 13 14 and speak to your Indwe advisor before you go on holiday.


Indwe is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP: 3425

Information sources:, New York Times and Smarter Travel.


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